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Our Story

Silent Zoo Studios is a state of the art, single-room recording facility, catering to bands, artists, film/television scores, and all other sound recording needs. Our establishment boasts top-tier equipment, comprehensive backline options, and comfortable amenities. Our skilled and service-focused technical team is dedicated to bringing any creative concept to fruition, no matter its scale.


Formerly recognized and managed under the name of The Bridge Recording, the studio began operations in 2008. It was meticulously designed by the esteemed acoustic architect, Jay Kaufman, upholding the most elevated standards. Our facility boasts a generous capacity, capable of accommodating ensembles of 55+ players. The live room spans 1,800 sq. ft., complemented by two adjacent 225 sq. ft. isolation booths. With a spacious 875 sq. ft. control room, even sizable teams find ample space for their endeavors.

From recording a solo piano performance to crafting scores for Marvel's cinematic ventures, Silent Zoo Studios offers a comfortable and stylish haven to suit your needs. Up until 2018, The Bridge remained operational and swiftly garnered favor among composers, musicians, and engineers alike. Its legacy includes the recording of numerous projects, such as The Simpsons, Avengers, The Walking Dead, Fargo, and countless others.

Holden Woodward, the proprietor of Silent Zoo Studios, has carried a lifelong passion for music, embarking on music production and recording endeavors from a young age. His journey encompasses both active participation in bands and fruitful collaborations with fellow artists. Ultimately, Holden's path led him to USC's Thornton School of Music, where he graduated with a degree in music industry.

In the year 2019, Holden began a quest to locate the perfect setting for establishing a versatile studio space. This envisioned space would transcend boundaries, accommodating not just music but also art, video, and more. Upon encountering the listing for The Bridge and engaging in several discussions with its former owner, Greg Curtis, the studio resonated with the potential to further evolve into a vibrant epicenter of creativity. This space held the promise of limitless possibilities. Originally, the intention was to run the studio on a limited commercial basis, with its primary purpose being a private haven for collaboration and production. However, following a series of successful "soft sessions" held in early 2020, the enthusiastic and joyful feedback from the returning musicians and composers made it clear to Holden that the studio should be reopened in a big way.


Since the establishment of Silent Zoo Studios, Holden has embraced a multifaceted role. He has served as an engineer on numerous sessions, recently to the Emmy award-winning Super Bowl pregame segment, "Ragged Old Flag." Additionally, he has assisted some of the industry's most distinguished engineers, while also taking the reins as a producer, generating a wealth of original video, photographic, and audio content for the studio. Holden enjoys working with our technicians in the machine room just as much as he does setting up with the team on floor. One of the greatest aspects of the studio to him is the opportunity for himself and the team to always be learning and developing. Surrounded by extraordinarily talented musicians, proficient engineers, and accomplished producers, Silent Zoo Studios is constantly immersed in a rich environment that nurtures knowledge and the broadening of our skillsets as a whole.

"My vision for Silent Zoo Studios has always centered around the fusion of orchestral and contemporary music. It's been truly gratifying to witness this vision materialize through the numerous sessions we've undertaken, serving both the world of film and artists. I aspire for the studio to be an inclusive sanctuary for authentic creativity, collaboration, vibes, and an all-encompassing positive atmosphere. It's a place where individuals from diverse backgrounds can confidently express themselves through music and artistry without any apprehension or judgment. As long as your project is driven by passion, I am genuinely thrilled to provide support and witness its transformation within our studio." - Holden

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