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Our control room is home to our 96-channel Neve VSP Legend Console and custom built 48-channel cue mixer. This exceptional setup was initially created as a custom design for Paramount Stage M. Amid the challenges posed by the COVID era, our team of dedicated technicians and staff undertook the task of refurbishing and recapping the console, resulting in the best possible signal flow for seamless sessions. 


Spanning an expansive 875 sq. ft., the control room offers a spacious environment conducive for teams of all sizes to collaborate with effectiveness and efficiency. Silent Zoo Studios has taken innovation to heart, reimagining and redesigning its aesthetic adaptability. Through studio-wide lighting fixtures primed for full spectrum color control, we empower you to infuse any desired mood or ambiance into your session, enhancing the atmosphere to complement your artistic endeavor.

Our collection of outboard gear includes options from respected brands like Neve, API, UAD, AEA, Manley, GML, RND, and more, specifically chosen to cater to diverse styles and sonic preferences in line with your creative vision. Our monitor lineup includes ATC-300s as our mains, and near-field choices from PMC, Genelec, ADAMS, Yamaha, and others. Check out our Full Gear List for details.
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