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our custom built PEDAL RACKS

"Distortion rack"

This impressive array of pedals is truly formidable! It comprises various distortion, overdrive, fuzz, boost, and octave effects. Each pedal was meticulously selected and arranged alongside others with similar tonal characteristics. On the racks face, you'll find pedals from renowned brands like Stone Deaf, JHS, and Strymon, alongside some favorites such as the Plasma Pedal by Game Changer Audio, The Ahab by The Pine Box Customs, and The WURM by KMA.


Each pedal rack also includes a rack-mounted tuner, an additional patch point for integrating external pedals, and sturdy casters for effortless mobility in the studio or on stage.


"zoo Rack"

This pedal wall is a curated selection of our founder's, Holden, personal favorites which draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres. From grunge and hard rock to alternative and shoegaze, it's a blend of distortion, modulation, and otherworldly effects. On the front panel of this rack, you'll find renowned manufacturers like Walrus Audio, Earthquaker Devices, and Old Blood Noise Endeavors. Some of Holden's top picks include the Juliana by Walrus Audio, the Frazz Dazzler by Dr. Scientist, and the Astral Destiny by Earthquaker Devices.

"modulation RACK"

Our modulation rack! This pedal setup is brimming with a wide array of modulated effects, including delays, choruses, reverbs, flangers, phasers, tremolos, and beyond. At the forefront, you'll find an exclusive lineup of Strymon pedals. As a matter of fact, all of our pedal racks are efficiently powered by Strymon Zuma and Ojai supplies.


Among the standout selections in this rack are the Downward Spiral by Mr. Black, the Dark Aura by Haunted Labs, and the Enzo by Meris. This rack is a sonic dreamscape, offering surreal and mind-bending tones that inspire the imagination.

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