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With a profound sense of pride, Silent Zoo Studios continues the legacy of excellence established during this space's prosperous tenure as The Bridge Recording. Our live room, boasting ceilings of 23 feet and sprawling across 1,800 square feet, harmoniously connects to two adjacent isolation booths, each spanning 225 square feet. This well-crafted layout seamlessly accommodates sessions encompassing ensembles of 55 players and beyond.


Guided by the expertise of renowned acoustic architect, Jay Kaufman, the live room exudes a captivating sonic presence, accentuated by an exceptional noise floor level. This attention to sonic detail renders it not only one of the most sonorous studios in Los Angeles but also one of the quietest. In alignment with our commitment to aesthetic enhancement, lighting fixtures across Silent Zoo Studios have been meticulously installed to provide comprehensive color control, readily adapting to any desired ambiance or video production requirement.

Our cherished 9 ft. Steinway Concert D piano is meticulously maintained and ever-ready for artistic expression. This magnificent instrument has reverberated with the melodies of acclaimed artists such as John Legend, Harry Connick Jr., and many more, attesting to its impeccable sound and reputation.

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